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Brand: Togiharu
Product Code: HTO-G1GY-210
Weight: 10lb
Dimensions: 210 x 0 x 0in
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The top of the line Togiharu G-1 has the longest edge retention within the Togiharu brand. ...

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Item specifics

  • Steel Type Stain-Resistant Steel

Product Description

The top of the line Togiharu G-1 has the longest edge retention within the Togiharu brand. The AUS-10 base steel is stain resistant, has a long edge retention, and is easy to maintain. The G-1 line is preferred by those who enjoy heavier knives or larger bacteria-resistant polyacetal resin handles. The gyutou is a versatile chef's knife. It can be used for cutting meat, fish and vegetables, making it suitable for preparing Western cuisine. Lightweight and thin, Japanese chef knives have a sharper blade and maintain their sharpness longer than most other chef knives.

Left-handed knives are available for this style. Please call customer service at 1-800-626-2172 to order.

Use and Precautions

General knife care tips and warnings

Never wash knives in the dishwasher Stain-resistant knives are not stainless. Improper care will result in rusting and chipping. Please wipe knives dry after use to prevent rusting. Western style knives sold at KORIN have significantly thinner blades than typical Western knives. Use of honing steels or sharpening machines may result in chipping. We advice all customers to always use sharpening stones to sharpen or hone knives. For more information, please check our pages on different types of sharpening stones or sharpening tips.

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